Friday, April 1, 2016

2 Years in the Making!!

2 Year Bloggerversary

  HAPPY 2ND BLOGGERVERSARY TO ME!!  I know I haven't posted much this year, but I have plenty of posts to share so stay tuned!!  Words can't express how I feel, but I just want to thank all of my supporters and followers for hanging in there with me another year. Because of you all, I can look back on the past year and say I am truly blessed that I am still going strong.  I pray I am blessed with many more Bloggerversaries in the future to share with you all as I continue on this journey.  

  Here is my THANK YOU picture from a trip earlier this year with each outfit deets to follow!  Enjoy!

Outfit #1- 

Outfit Deets- Sold out Denim Crop top from Choies but sold here; striped skirt from Romwe here; sold out red pumps from Zara but alternates here; and a sold out yellow clutch from Francesca's but similar ones here.  

Outfit #2-

Outfit Deets- Sold out Bow Slim Denim Blouse from Romwe but alternates here; bright green midi skater skirt from Choies sold out but here; sold out polka dot pumps from Nordstrom but some here; and an old white Nine West clutch sold out but similar ones here.

 Outfit #3-

Outfit Deets- Sold out French Connection Emerald Green Sequin Skater Dress from Neiman Marcus but similar ones here; and my DIY Faux Fur-Trimmed Sandals I blogged about in November but similar ones here.

Outfit #4-

Outfit Deets- Sold out Pussy Bow Denim Blouse from Asos but sold here; polka dot skater skirt from Choies sold here; and my Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump I blogged about in October that I purchased from Poshmark can be found here and in different colors. 

I hope you all liked my outfit choices and which one(s) was your favorite?  Again, thank you all for your love and support!



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fur The Girls

DIY Faux Fur-Trimmed Sandals

  Hi there Fashionistas...let's hear it Fur the Girls!!!!  If any of you are like me and get inspired daily by everyday things, well this post is for you!! I've always been a fan of fur and own a few pieces myself, so I wanted to "test the furry shoe ride" a little bit and decided to do something different. Today's DIY project is Faux Fur-Trimmed Sandals.  You can create your own Faux Fur-Trimmed Sandals for under $20 without spending $200+ on a store bought pair. See pic below.

Yes, I said under $20 so let's get started!!  First you will need a pair of shoes that you don't mind experimenting on, and/or you don't really have any attachments to.  I chose a pair I purchased last minute for a friend's bridal shower years ago that I've only worn once because the pair I wanted from Zara were sold out :(.  I tried them on again right before the start of my project to make sure they were the ones I wanted to use. So you may see a little toe print or two in the pics. lol

Materials needed: 

- Heeled Sandals

- 6 feet feathers Boa, found in your local craft store here

- Scissors

- Saran Wrap from your kitchen (optional).

- Fabric glue or a hot glue gun found in your local craft  

  store here. Pictured are 2 different types to use but both

  are the same, one is just bigger than the other. 

- Double sided tape found in your local craft store
  here (optional).

Materials needed but not pictured:
- Patience
- Vacuum Cleaner 

Also, I decided to do my project on my fleece throw that I use for other DIY projects so my mess is in one area and a quicker clean up.  Make sure your workspace is an area you don't mind becoming a mess because feathers are going to be everywhere. 

Pictured below are the toe straps on my shoes. They are wider and lower than normal heeled sandals and shows less toe cleavage. Thus adding an extra strip of boa feathers for my shoe will make them look better.

The feathers have ties at the end so you will need to cut one end piece off before starting the measuring process. Sn:  Feathers will start flying all over the place and the feather tornado begins.

After cutting off the end piece, it's time to measure across your toe strap to see how much feather material you will need.  I did two measurements because I'm doing two rows of boa feathers due to my wide and lower toe strap; plus I want a fuller look. Once measured, cut off the size(s)that you will need.

Place your measured feathers off to the side.  If you plan to make this look permanent for your heels, you can skip the next 3 steps.  If this look is just temporary and you may still want to wear your heels again without the faux fur, then continue reading.

Take your saran wrap and tear off a piece about 4 inches wide, but still keep the regular length.  Measure the saran wrap over the width of your toe strap because you will cover your toe strap with this except the outsides of your toe strap. You don't want saran wrap to be seen so that's why the outsides of the toe strap aren't covered. *I apologize for the blurry pic*

I wrapped my toe strap 2-3 times with the saran wrap leaving the outsides of the strap uncovered. Also, I made sure the saran wrap was secure. *Excuse this blurry pic also...It was late and I thought I had clear pics* lol

Take your double sided tape and measure across the saran wrap.  Once measured, cut and place the tape on the saran wrap. Because of my wide and lower toe strap, I did two rows of double sided tape for a fuller look.

For those making permanent faux fur-trimmed heels, you can pick back up here now. Permanent heels, take your fabric glue or glue gun and go across your toe strap once or twice or how many times you like placing the glue on the strap.  Temporary heels with saran wrap and tape, remove the top side of the tape and place glue across the tape how many times needed using your fabric glue or glue gun. *Pic is a little blurry as well..geesh*

For both permanent and temporary heels, the measured feathers you placed off to the side earlier...carefully place and hold them across the glue for a few minutes or until you feel they're secured.  In the pic below, I did the back row of feathers first.  You can still see the saran wrap and tape so that's why I did two rows to make it fuller.

I've added my second row of feathers below.  Do you notice all of the scrap feathers in the pic?

Now here is the outcome!!!  I think it turned out nice and I did pretty good for a first try!!

A closer look.....

You can fluff up the fur to make sure it has the fluffiness you desire. If needed, you can go around and shape up the feathers using your scissors by cutting off excess feathers to perfect the look.  Also, I checked to see if I needed to add more glue to spots on the tape for a more secure hold because I don't want to look down and the feathers are off my shoe and behind me as I am walking! LOL!! Below is the pic of my Faux Fur-Trimmed Sandal after it's shaped up!

I've completed both shoes!!

 I let them sit out overnight so the glue can really dry, and to decide how I am going to store these because I have all of my shoes in boxes....*sigh*

Now it's time for the best part, clean up.  I'm glad I did this project on my fleece throw because majority of the feathers were on there with a few on the floor so I was lucky.
Some of you are wondering why the saran wrap, right?  If you're a temporary faux fur-trimmed sandal diy maker, you can just cut off the saran wrap to return the shoe to its original look without any damages or dried glue on it. Lucky you!! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was money well spent and saved, right? I want to see your Faux Fur-Trimmed Sandals so please feel free to share them with me!



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Homecoming!!!


   My College Homecoming has come and gone and there is nothing I would change about my weekend festivities!!  I am a proud HBCU graduate of Virginia Union University (VUU) in Richmond, VA!! Go CIAA!! 

  I just wanted to share some pictures from the weekend and to show you what I wore.  I managed to get a few pictures Friday night after some of the fun, so you should already know what that means...Humidity hair!!!  I love humidity hair majority of the time. But sometimes at the end of the night, just the thought of re-twisting it feels like I have to pull an All Nighter, even though it has to be done.

  Here are my looks from my Friday Night outing and Saturday on the yard (from the My DIY T-Shirt post).  Check out my humidity hair...Wowzers!

  Pictured with me on the left is one of my friend's whose College Homecoming was also the same weekend at Virginia State University (VSU) in Petersburg, VA. In the other picture is one of my Line Sister's, and we always have a great time whenever we get together. 

    Here are a few more poses from Friday night.

  What I wore. My striped crop top is old but you can get similar looks here. My skirt is from Choies and you can get it here or similar styles here. I popped my outfit with red suede bow pumps by Aminah Abdul Jillil, and more colors can be found here.  BUT I purchased them from Poshmark (post coming soon) and they were brand new with over 60% off the retail price! Yay!! Winning!! The temperature was a little cooler than normal so I added a denim blazer from Madewell to keep me warm, but there are similar looks here. I added a White and Black Ace of Spade Hardshell Clutch that I got for my Birthday trip to Vegas and one can be found here. I wore my favorite yellow studded earrings, a long thin gold necklace, a red ball ring and a black bow bracelet.

  Moving on to Saturday during and after the Homecoming game (in which we won), I saw college friends and took pictures with some of my Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Beta Epsilon Chapter Line Sisters and Numbers (15)!! 

  Pictured above are my Line Sisters and out of 18 "Soul Survivors," are #'s 2,6,9,10, and your truly,15!!  No telling what we were talking and laughing about, and what camera to look at!!

  Not only is there love within my BE Chapter, but there is also number love.  I love my numbers and below are my numbers and myself at our Delta plot.  Pictured from right to left are the 15's from Spr'99, yours truly Spr2K2, Spr'05, Spr007, and Spr'11.




  I had to buy a few things from the bookstore, but hey...there is nothing like Greek and College Paraphernalia! 

   To find out what I wore and how to make a DIY T-shirt like I did on Saturday, go to the My DIY T-Shirt post in the blog or click on the Other Deets or DAS' Fashion tab. 

  Now that my homecoming is over, you all can enjoy yours now because there is nothing like an HBCU Homecoming!! Are you attending your homecoming this year?  If so, what school did you attend?  Happy Homecoming!!



My DIY T-shirt

Branding Yourself

  Hello to my fashionistas or should I say my fashion experts!!  Last week, my college homecoming (VUU) was fast approaching and I didn't have a clue to what I was wearing on the yard during Saturday's football game.  I'm a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., but I wasn't planning on wearing a Delta shirt since other lines were celebrating their Deltaversaries this year during our Homecoming!  I wanted to wear a DASDEETS shirt, but it was too late to get one custom made like I want and pay the high express shipping costs.  So I went into thinking mode and decided to do a DIY T-shirt by creating one the same day.  Keep in mind, all of this is happening 3 days prior to heading to VA for my homecoming. 

  I looked on YouTube to get some ideas, and came across two videos to help me create the look I want.  I took ideas from both videos to create my DIY DASDEETS sequin logo T-shirt below.  Whew that was a mouth full! lol

  Since the weather was about 62 degrees during the day and expected to drop to 30 degrees that night, I opted to dress accordingly for the yard.  To complete my look for homecoming, I paired my t-shirt with Hudson denim jeans, here, that I small cuffed at the bottom along with a gold belt from ASOS seen here or similar here; a long purple long sleeved cardigan also from ASOS here; glitter multi-colored Sole Society oxfords similar here; pink mirrored aviator sunglasses with similar styles here, a pink beanie with some hair left out as a bang with similar styles here; a small Burberry shoulder purse with similar styles here; gold bamboo earrings here; a light pink ring from Charming Charlie's but similar looks here; and under my white t-shirt I wore a long sleeved V-neck thermal from Old Navy here

 I think I did OK for my first time, what do you think? But for my next DIY DASDEETS tee(s), I'm sure I can complete this task in a shorter amount of time by doing it an easier and quicker way to achieve this look.

  If you want to create a DIY shirt like mine or similar, here are the supplies you need to have.  A white t-shirt out of your closet or here, fabric glue in which I have the quick dry version here, fabric scissors and I have Gingher 4" and 8" here, sequin packs here and I have a pack of the Artminds and Bead Landing Multicolor 5Mm, some tweezers from your manicure set at home or here, sewing pins here, and a yard of fabric material (sequin & optional) from your local fabric store or here.  I purchased both black and purple fabric sequin material and used the purple one for this t-shirt.  You won't use or need a yard for this project, but I think that's the smallest the stores will cut the material so yes you will have plenty of it left over for your next DIY project. Here are the steps that I used to achieve this look.

Step 1. I printed off my name on a regular piece of printing paper, in the font-style and size I wanted to be on the front of my shirt.  Also, I chose a bright color like red in case I wanted to create the look another way( later in post). See pic below.

Step 2. Using the Gingher 4" scissors, I carefully cut out my name in the pic below.

Step 3. I pinned my name to the purple sequin fabric for it to be secure, and so I can get the cut out that I need.  Notice I have all of these materials placed over a plastic bag so I won't make a mess all over the place, and it'll be an easy clean up afterwards.

Step 4. Again using the Gingher 4" scissors, I carefully cut out my name in the sequin fabric seen below. You see the scraps?

As you can see above in Step 4's pic, the fabric letters are not as legible and you can see the background of the purple fabric.  In Step 5, I trimmed both inside and outside of the letters along with covering the opening spots of the letters in sequin.  Also, I placed the fabric cut out on scrap paper from earlier, preventing the plastic and fabric glue from sticking together.

Step 5. To fill the open spots with sequins, there were two options I used:  I could either pick up the sequins with tweezers, put glue on the back of them and then place them down on the fabric and hold them in place; or I could put glue on the fabric first, and then place the sequins down and hold them in place with my hand or tweezers. I tried both ways and the second way was better for me. See  pic below.

Step 6. Afterwards, I pulled my name up off of the scrap paper and placed it on the area of my t-shirt where I wanted it to be!  I just placed some glue along the edges on the back of my name and glued it to the shirt. I laid it on a flat surface for 48 hours to completely dry, but it only calls for 24 hours instead. See the final t-shirt below.

 I am proud of my results and I look forward to making more DIY t-shirts and other things.  Since I have a lot of sequins and sequin fabric left, I will be using them in the near future.  But before I tried on my shirt, I placed it on my mannequin the night before I headed out of town to see what it'll look like. I'm SO glad I did!!!  A few letters weren't as secure as I'd thought they'd be, so I had to add more glue to hold the letters down and added more sequins to the name. Here are a few things that I will probably change next time when making another t-shirt similar to this one, i.e., a fabric cutter would be much easier than cutting out my name by hand; after Step 4, I would place my name on my t-shirt before gluing more sequins instead of on scrap paper because a few letters got stuck just a tad bit to the paper and luckily they didn't rip; and I would move my name down a little further on my t-shirt so it can be seen a lot better.  Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing! 

The other option of doing this DIY t-shirt, you don't have to use fabric to trace your name or your design.  Like in Step 1, you can print off your name or design in a bright color and place it under the front of your t-shirt.  Since the color is so bright, you can see through your t-shirt (esp if it's white) and can glue your sequins by following that outline or pattern. I will try this way also and let you see my results!

I hope you enjoyed my DIY DASDEETS sequin logo T-shirt, and I plan to do more DIY things in the near future.  Do you have any DIY projects you would like to share?  If so, I would love to hear from you!  Happy DIY'ing!



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Styling Hacks Part 2

Styling Hacks

  With the continuation of Styling Hacks or styling the clothes you already have in your next features are roll it and cuff it. Whether it's a blazer, a button down, a denim shirt or a pair of jeans, a good roll or cuff will make a difference in the appearance of your outfit.  Below are a few pictures of examples with the roll and cuff method.  I had to go back a year or two to dig and find some of my favorite pictures that display these techniques.

                                                           Look #1- Roll It

  Some styles look better with rolled sleeves right? Since I have long arms (Yes I'm 5'9), it's hard to find the length of the sleeves to fit me just right.  Honestly, half of the time I prefer my sleeves to be rolled anyways because I'm hot natured, they give my look a cool factor, and my inside blazer lining has a design like pictured above.

                                                              Look #2- Cuff It

  In the above picture, I do have my cardigan sleeves rolled, but I am more focused on the denim jeans.  I double cuffed them because it looks better with baggier, boyfriend jeans or maybe even boot cut denim.  As you can see, I destroyed them at the knees to give them an edgier look.  Let's not forget about the shoes because this look is perfect for showing off your heels.

                                                      Look #3- Roll It & Cuff It

  I love denim and own denim in everything ranging from a hat all the way down to heels.  Here is a picture where I'm rocking the whole denim look with both rolled sleeves and cuffed jeans. Sometimes I do a big single cuff in my skinny jeans depending on my footwear.  But since I wore a pair of oxford's that day, I just did a big double cuff.

  These are a few styling hacks or timeless tricks that will have a major impact on your whole outfit because of how you put your look together!!!  Remember, style is something that can't be bought because it speaks who you are without saying a word!

  What are some of your styling hacks?  Stay tuned for Part 3!  Happy Looking!



Sunday, October 4, 2015


Drools For Shoes

  I have a passion for fashion, but I "drools for shoes!"  I love when shoe designers create shoes that reflects their out of the box thoughts and personalities....but still make eye catching designs!!  I love different designs, patterns, looks, shapes and colors.  Hey, I like what I like and wear what I wear!   A person can have on a simple outfit, but their shoes can be the statement piece for their whole outfit.  You know they say the shoes are one of the first things a person looks at while observing someone else, right? With that being said, here are two different designers I love and have me drooling for their shoes!!  Let me introduce you to Aleksandersiradekian, see below! 

This shoe designer is based out of Moscow, Russia.  For a list of available stores to purchase these lovely shoes, click here.  Also, you can find this designer on Facebook and Instagram under Aleksandersiradekian, or e-mail them at

 Next up is an UK designer I'm sure you all have heard of before, Sophia Webster.  Her different designs, colorful styles, and statement looks have been a go to trend amongst everyone lately. Below is a prime example of why they are a must have!

  These beauties are called the 'Chiara' Butterfly Sandals and they come in different colors!  I am still looking for and want the 'Cleo' Butterfly Sandals, but they've been sold out everywhere for a very long time.  If anyone comes across them in a size 40, please let me know! :)  To browse more  Sophia Webster fantastic looks and to make purchases, click here.

  Both designers are on my now wish list and not Christmas wish list since Christmas seems so far away, but it's not! :) What are some of your favorite shoe designers?  Better yet, what type of shoe styles do you like?  I can't wait to hear what you have to say!!  Happy Looking & Shopping!!



Thursday, October 1, 2015

Styling Hacks Part 1

Styling Hacks

  By me being a fashion lover, my style changes daily!  I'm getting into the habit of purchasing my garments for less at consignment shops both in-store and online, and also putting together outfits with different staple pieces I already have in my closets.  With this being done, I am saving money by giving my outfits "free updates' and tweaking them. I'm in the process of cleaning out my closets and I ran across quite a few items I forgot I had.  *shame*  As I'm cleaning, I noticed the seasons have changed but it's not quite the time for a heavy coat just yet.  I love the fall and love to layer my clothing even on the last days of this warm weather.  I've always loved cardigans especially long ones, but decided to add another type of layering garment over my outfit in 83 degree weather. 

Look #1- Layer It

  I am wearing a denim short sleeve dress over my outfit. I didn't wear it this summer, but it sure turned out to be an added piece to complement my outfit. It was paired with the classic look of a white V-neck tee and denim jeans along with gold strappy sandals.  Since it's been raining in NC everyday for the past week, I managed to add one of my favorite hair accessories to the look, beanie. I wore white pyramid stud earrings and a multi-color statement piece necklace to add a pop of color to my look.  My apologies for not getting a front picture, but I was visiting my friend's cubicle at work and she snapped this picture once I told her it was a denim dress I was wearing. lol

  There are other ways to layer your outfit with items you already have in your closet besides wearing jackets and coats.  You can use a long flowy wrap dress, a long flannel shirt, a long cardigan, a long t-shirt dress, or a long denim dress just to name a few.  Just unbutton or untie these articles of clothing, and pair them up with the classic look like I did but add some heels and a clutch and you're ready to go!!

Look #2- Tie It or Knot It

  Here I am wearing the classic white button down shirt with a pink cardigan.  Instead of wearing a statement necklace or bow tie, I decided to tie a scarf around my neck and make it into a bow.  I have a few pussy bow shirts that already have the bow tied around the neck, but I wanted to add a pattern to my outfit so I chose this scarf. I love polka dots and they've always been one of my favorites and go to designs. This happens to be one that my sister bought for me over the summer when she saw some on sale at H&M (Thanks sissy)! :) I love scarves and I have a range of them in different sizes, colors, patterns and materials. You can probably tell now they're one of my favorite accessories and yes I have a lot of them as well!!  To finish up my look, I'm wearing my favorite yellow stud earrings and a small black felt hat.  I wore light denim jeans and a pair of multi-colored sequin oxfords.

  You can wear your scarves different ways to enhance your outfit by adding a pop or color or pattern to your look, here.  Scarves are very stylish and they're an accessory every woman and man should own!!

 These are a few styling hacks or timeless tricks that will have a major impact on your whole outfit because of how you put your look together!!!  Remember, style is something that can't be bought because it speaks who you are without saying a word!

  What are some of your styling hacks?  Stay tuned for Part 2!  Happy Looking & Shopping!